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SVdP- Confirmation Program

Find the “WORKS OF MERCY 2016-17″ Form HERE

Find the “Confirmation Name and Sponsor Form”  HERE

Confirmation Make -up work

Make-up work should be emailed to Amilee at  It is due before the next Confirmation session.

Session #11: Life Everlasting (March 26)

Please watch the videos below and answer each question.


Question 1: Write three paragraphs explaining the difference between heaven, hell, and purgatory.


Question 2: Write a paragraph explaining the rope analogy the speaker uses in the video.

Question 3: Why do you think the Church teaches that it is a Work of Mercy to “pray for the living and the dead“?

Question 4: Write two paragraphs about how learning about heaven, hell, and purgatory changes your view of the world around you.  Does it inspire you to make a change in your life?  Does it answer questions you had about life after death?  Do you have new questions now?

Session #10: (March 19)
9th grade:

Why Catholic?                    

Please watch the videos below about some of the different aspects of what it means to be Catholic and write a one-paragraph response to each video:

“Catholic” is a Church

“Catholic” is an Outreach

“Catholic” is a Creed

“Catholic” is an Encounter

10th grade: Please print and complete this Faith Survey and scan/send pictures of it to

Session #9: The Eucharist (March 12)

Please watch the videos below and write two paragraphs for each question:

Video #1:

Question: Why do you think so many people get bored at Mass? What are some of the things the speaker says we miss out on when we zone out?  What does he say the Mass is at its heart?

Video #2:

Question: Write a response to this video.  What does the question “What If” mean to you, and how does that relate to the way you respond to the Mass, to the Eucharist, and to Christ?  If it’s all true (which is the central belief of the Catholic Church!), what kind of impact should that have on your life?

Session #8: Guest Speaker on Drug and Alcohol Abuse (March 5)

Watch the video and answer the following questions.
  1. How did you react to Chris Herren’s story?  Did it surprise you?  Did you learn something new about addictions or recovery?
  2. Why do you this Chris Herren’s faith made such a big difference in his recovery?
  3. Faith not only plays a big role in many people’s recovery, but also in addiction prevention.  By developing a “personal practical theology”, we can better prevent and combat substance addiction in our own lives.  A “personal practical theology” is a way of living our lives that gives us specific tools to grow in our faith.  One way to do this is by (1) Serving God, (2) Serving others around us, and by doing that (3) Serving ourselves.  Write a 2-paragraph response on how you can incorporate a personal practical theology in your own life.  Be specific about the goals you have for yourself.

Session #7: Marriage & Religious Vocations (February 26)

Please watch the videos below and write a one-paragraph response to each question:


1) Have you ever thought of married life as a calling from God (a Vocation)?  In what ways?

2) What are some of the things that marriage has in common with a vocation to religious life?

 Ladies: Please watch the video below about Religious Sisters

Men: Please watch the video below about the Priesthood

1) What are some of the gifts and talents you have, and what are some of the ways you can share those gifts and talents with others/with the world? (e.g. acting, writing, speaking, music, sports, good with numbers, good listening skills, teaching, good with kids, etc)

2) What do you think would be some reasons why someone would choose to become a priest or a religious sister?

3) Have you ever considered your own vocation?  If not, write about some ways that you will open yourself to God’s call.

Session #6: Respect Life (January 29)

1. Watch the video and write a 2-paragraph response reflecting on these questions:

  1.  ​How does the quote “A person’s a person, no matter how small.” from Dr. Seuss’s “Horton Hears a Who” relate to this video?
  2. What was your reaction to seeing the crowds of over 600,000 people who attend the March for Life every year?
  3. What did you think about the story of the priest and the Facebook post? 
​2. Open the Socrative app, enter room code “SVDP2016″, and take the quiz.

Session #5: Catholic Social Teaching (January 22)

Please watch the videos below and respond to the prompt:

Video #1:

Video #2:

Response: Write a 5-paragraph response to the videos reflecting on these questions:

  1. What was the most striking thing about the video? How did you react to that?
  2. Why do you think the Catholic Church cares so much for the poor and the vulnerable in society?
  3. What are some concrete ways that you can help uphold the human dignity of all people and work for the “common good” in your own life? In other words, what are some ways you can serve those in need?

Session #4: Mary and the Saints (November 13)

Please watch the videos and write a two-paragraph response to each question.

1) Video:

Question: What are the Immaculate Conception, the Annunciation, and the Assumption, and why is Mary called the Mother of God, not just the Mother of Jesus?

2) Video:

Question: Who is one of your favorite saints, and why do you find them inspiring?

Session #3: Confession (November 6)

1)  Watch the video below and write a one-paragraph response to each question:


a)  Why do Catholics confess their sins to a priest?  Why can’t we go straight to God?

b)    Where in scripture do we see Jesus giving the Apostles their authority to forgive sins?  How is this passed down to modern-day priests and bishops?

c) What was one of the first things the Apostles did after Jesus ascended into heaven, and why was this important?    d)    Explain how sin damages our relationship with God and also with the rest of the Body of Christ.

2)  Prayerfully make an Examination of Conscience by reading and reflecting on the questions HERE.

Session #2: Sacraments of Initiation (October 30)

Please watch the video below, write a one-paragraph response to each question:

Video #1.

1) Why does the Catholic Church baptize infants?

2) What “ingredients” are needed for the Sacrament of Baptism and what do they symbolize?

3) Under what circumstances can someone who is not a priest or deacon baptize someone?

4) What do Catholics do regularly to remind themselves of their Baptism?

5) What does your baptismal call mean to you?

Session #1 Make-Up Work (10/23/16)

1. If you have not done so already, download the​ Socrative app (student version). 
2. Write a one-two paragraph response on each of the following questions:
- Who is God? (please write a paragraph on each person of the Blessed Trinity)
- Who are we?
- What is the church?
- What is faith?

Orientation Meeting MakeUp Work (10/16/16)

1. Watch this clip from “The Hobbit”  Write a two-paragraph response to the questions: How does this exchange between Bilbo and Gandalf reflect in your relationship with God?  Does it reflect in your approach to Confirmation?  How?

2. Baptismal Promises were made by your parents at your baptism on your behalf.  When you are confirmed, you will have the opportunity to make these promises for yourself.  If we are baptized, we can renew these promises any time.

With your parents, renew your Baptismal Promises.  The text can be found at



There is a two step registration for the 2016-17 Confirmation Program:

  1. Parents (or Candidates) must REGISTER by completing the Registration Form found here and
    paying the tuition (all checks made to St. Vincent de Paul Parish; please note the additional
    $45 sacramental fee). Please ensure that the contact information on this form is correct; we
    will be communicating only by electronic means in the administration of this program. All
    calendars and other specifics will be sent out at a later date after Registration is complete.
  2. Candidates must ENROLL themselves in the Program by submitting the Confirmation
    Commitment Enrollment Form online, available here.

Please see the Confirmation Program invitation available here for more information.

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