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About BOLD Youth Ministry


BOLD Youth MinistryTM is Fiat Ventures’ parish youth ministry program.  Rather than hiring an individual to be a “youth minister,” parishes can hire Fiat Ventures to provide middle school and high school youth ministry at the highest quality and efficiency.

BOLD is more than just a brand- it is a specific philosophy and structure of youth ministry.

Mission Statement:

Mission Statement: BOLD exists to expose teens to God’s love, promote a life of service to Christ, and provide a place for teens to enjoy each other’s company

Primary Goal:

The primary goal of BOLD is to aid young people in building a personal relationship with Christ through Catholic formation, support, prayer, and the Sacraments.

Youth Ministry:

BOLD is not a youth group.  It is a ministry to all youth in the parish.  Our goal is to engage each and every teen in the parish in some way over the course of their years through middle school and high school.

  • BOLD is a dynamic, growing and constantly improving model for youth ministry.
  • BOLD’s structure has been refined over the last 15 years and is unique in the way it engages its participants and volunteers.
  • The ability to interact with youth from other parishes who have a similar youth ministry program is both efficient and encourages youth to feel a part of the greater Church.
  • Collaborative events allow new and smaller youth ministry programs to be able to provide and participate in events not normally viable for them.
  • Fiat Ventures is able to implement an extensive youth ministry program at the highest level of efficiency because of our expertise, resources and team.
  • Parishes can have “full time” youth ministry without the high costs associated with hiring a full time youth minister. Alternatively, Fiat Ventures can provide a dedicated full time youth minister to achieve the maximum results.
  • A broader organization is accountable to the parish as opposed to an individual who may need to be hired, trained, receive benefits and one day be replaced. This adds longevity and sustainability.
  • Youth Ministries are associated, sharing ideas, talents and support.

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