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Saint Ann – Confirmation Program

Confirmation Forms and Calendars

Make-up Work for 9th/10th Grade 

Session 1 (9/16): Why Catholic?                   

Please watch the videos below about some of the different aspects of what it means to be Catholic and write a one-paragraph response to each video:

“Catholic” is a Church

“Catholic” is an Outreach

“Catholic” is a Creed

“Catholic” is an Encounter


Session 2 (9/23): God the Father

Please watch the videos below, respond to each question:

Video #1:

Write a 10-15 sentence response to video explaining the parachute analogy as well as some of the ways that we can grow in faith.

Video #2:

Write a one-paragraph explanation of how Nemo’s father’s mission represents God the Father’s love for us.


Session 3 (9/30) Creation and the Fall

Please watch the video and respond to the question.

Video 1:

Write a 4 paragraph response on how pitting Science & Religion or Faith & Reason against each other are false dichotomies; in other words, explain how science and our faith both help us to explain and understand Creation.

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